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  1. We’ve generated clinically-relevant learning inspirations (topics) from this experience
  2. For each topic you may choose to “Dive Deeper” by researching academic journals
  3. You may also explore continuing education opportunities that prompt you to draw a meaningful connection between the concept and your practice / profession to earn credit

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Session Learning Inspiration Explore CE Pathway Dive Deeper
Total Knee Arthroplasty Revision Case Review total knee arthroplasty revision knee arthroplasty revision&pathways_client_tag=Revision Knee Virtual Event
Instrument Tray Reduction for TKA Revision instrument utilization utilization&pathways_client_tag=Revision Knee Virtual Event
Image free CORI Revision Knee with LEGION Revision TKA and the improvements they bring to patients, surgeons and hospitals total knee arthroplasty revision downstream impact knee arthroplasty revision downstream impact&pathways_client_tag=Revision Knee Virtual Event
Tips and Pearls that Improve Case Efficiency case efficiency efficiency&pathways_client_tag=Revision Knee Virtual Event
Post-Op Results: How CORI Revision is a Game Changer
for Revision Knees post operative results operative results&pathways_client_tag=Revision Knee Virtual Event

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